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<p>Newcomers to 3D design often make the same mistakes: looking for easy paths and grabbing niches with a low entry threshold.</p> <p><br /> The bottom line:<br /> Immediately after learning, newbies have to scramble for orders on freelance exchanges</p> <p>Have to compete with dumping colleagues for the client&#39;s attention.</p> <p>Receive the promised in the niche 50-100 thousand per month, but only if they catch a lot of orders (in other words, will work from morning till night).<br /> And only over time, with experience and with an established base of customers becomes easier. And there is another option - you can go initially on a more difficult path, but get the benefits.</p> <p>In the process of learning:</p> <p>You will learn to model absolutely any objects, from cabinet furniture to complex multifaceted objects<br /> Understand all the technical features of 3D modeling: simulation of fabrics and physics, texturing, creating folds.<br /> Master the construction of correct object typology<br /> You&#39;ll learn valuable know-how (which we&#39;ve been saving in practice for 10 years!): how to speed up work, make the model lighter, adjust lighting and many other useful things<br /> Practice everything a good 3D modeler needs to know with our help and feedback.<br /> Build a full-fledged portfolio or significantly add to your existing one.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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