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<p>So what&#39;s so special about IPEG technology and how will it help you?</p> <p>We conducted a large-scale study on the trajectory of 3D artists in the gaming industry,<br /> We talked to successful gamemade graduates, analyzed their paths, and figured out what problems you face and what you lack in your education.</p> <p>Based on this data, we developed a course that will teach you how to make not just 3D models,<br /> but to be a sought-after 3D modeler in the market and build your brand in the gaming industry<br /> Sell your unique 3D models already on the course.<br /> We have a partner company that buys out our students&#39; models, so you&#39;ll have the opportunity to earn your first money right during the course<br /> You&#39;ll watch a lot of 3D model work, create a few by reference<br /> and come up with your own unique work with the help of your already developed eye for detail.<br /> You will develop creative thinking and be able to create ideas for your own models later on, constantly improving the quality of your work and increasing your income.<br /> You will have access to 3D modeling software that you do not have to pay for.<br /> do not have to pay for.<br /> With the help of these programs you will create high-quality 3D models not only for game companies, but also for selling them on the stock market.</p> <p>On the course you will get an intensive on earnings<br /> The marathon will help you to reach the income of 1000$ from the sale of 3D-models for games to customers or on stock exchanges.<br /> And in case you win it, you will receive a cash reward in addition to what you earned from selling models.<br /> You will be confident in your result and will be able to buy everything you have been dreaming of for a long time<br /> You will make a unique portfolio consisting of 10 works in the style of the studio in which you want to work. Get a job in the studio and get an income of 1000$.<br /> The feeling of joy from the increase in income will add to the excitement of how much you can<br /> earn on a particular model, each time creating something truly unique.<br /> Learn to work with freelance sites and stock, analyze them, create 3D models for games that can sell, go to passive income from $ 500 per month.<br /> WHAT IS INSIDE THE COURSE &quot;PROFESSION 3D - MODELER IN GAMEMADE&quot;?<br /> A program focused on the commercial success of our graduates and the realization of dreams in gamemade.</p>

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