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<p>Get the basics of the remote profession in a free one-week course ? personal mentor and create your first interior by a simple algorithm.</p> <p>On the course you will be waited for:</p> <p>Personal curator<br /> Your first or next project, which will decorate your portfolio and show your competence.<br /> Works for your portfolio<br /> Opportunity to get your first fee in 3D for the best work.<br /> Earnings already in training<br /> This is a profession where you will constantly scale and grow - with no ceiling on earnings.<br /> Scaling<br /> Prospects of working from anywhere in the world - without being tied to one location or inconvenient schedules<br /> Remote work<br /> Instructions on how to install and use basic 3D graphics software for free<br /> Access to 3ds Max<br /> 4 lessons, get familiar with the interface of 3D programs, learn basic actions and build your first scene<br /> Full lessons<br /> A chance to prove yourself and win a place on a paid course, where in just a week we teach you to make renderings of IKEA catalog level!<br /> Training Program</p> <p>1.Understand the initial settings of 3ds Max, learn how to create objects, complete the assignment and do the work on the mistakes after consultation with the teacher<br /> 2.Learn how to set the light, create and edit objects and make your first render of the interior<br /> 3.You will see how to use the library of models and materials 3D Hamster, learn how to beautifully arrange objects, frame and polish materials, using coloristics4.Discover the composition of the frame and volumetric light, as well as learn how to earn on 3D from 100 000 rubles a month, find clients and get quality orders + gifts from 3D Club.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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