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<p>Learn everything about targeted advertising in VKontakte: understand the advertising cabinet, understand the audience of this social network, learn how to run effective advertising and analyze competitors.</p> <p><br /> COURSE INSTRUCTOR<br /> Vlad Mukhin<br /> Expert in advertising in VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Mytarget and Twitter.<br /> - 6 years in internet marketing:<br /> performance, brandformance<br /> - Advises advertising agencies<br /> and brands on promotion<br /> - Develops digital strategies<br /> and selects teams for projects<br /> COURSE PROGRAM<br /> Full immersion in VKontakte targeting! Video lessons, tests and practical tasks in each module are waiting for you.<br /> 1 MODULE. ANALYZE COMPETITORS AND TARGET AUDIENCE<br /> 2 MODULE. CUSTOMIZE ADVERTISING CABINET IN VKONTAKTE<br /> 3 MODULE. STRATEGIES FOR RUNNING ADVERTISING FROM THE GROUP AND ON THE SITE<br /> 4 MODULE. ANALYZE THE RESULTS OF ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS<br /> 5 MODULE. MECHANICS OF CREATING SUCCESSFUL CREATIVES<br /> OUR PROGRAMS HAVE PASSED STATE LICENSING. THIS MEANS THAT AFTER MASTERING THE COURSE PROGRAM AND DEFENDING THE FINAL WORK, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT THAT WILL CONFIRM YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO YOUR EMPLOYER.</p>

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