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<p>About the course<br /> 01 This training is a skill useful to digitalists of different disciplines.<br /> 02 Copywriting is part of marketing. Texts are part of content strategy. The course will help you develop an in-depth approach to texts.<br /> 03 Training lasts 3 months and includes knowledge about audience analysis, text stylistics, typography, branding, tools and creative mechanics. The program is practice-oriented - you will be able to apply the knowledge gained immediately.<br /> 04 You have two options for studying - at your own pace or in a group with a mentor. The second option implies additional calls in different formats, checking homework and help in preparing for the final project.<br /> 05 Course speakers write for Samokat, S7, Pyaterochka. During the lessons they reinforce the theory with their own cases and give examples of texts of famous brands.<br /> 06 As a result - you will learn to write, increase your expertise in texts and marketing in general, increase audience engagement, understand how texts can influence the result and start achieving it.<br /> SHARPEN YOUR COPYWRITING SKILLS<br /> Implement just one tool and start writing social media texts that work. Two detailed lessons and practice<br /> Taking care of visual content is only part of a content strategy. Pictures work best when paired with good text. The kind that will engage your target audience and encourage them to comment, post or buy - we&#39;ll teach you how to write it! On the course you will get a marketing base and a breakdown of sales formulas for writing texts. You will learn how to write different types of texts</p>

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