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<p>In 3.5 months you will master the profession, understand the specifics of working in SMM, websites, SEO, targeting and context, learn how to delegate and set tasks, understand how the marketing sphere is organized and monetize your new knowledge.</p> <p><br /> A DIGITAL-MARKETER IS A KEY SPECIALIST IN THE COMPANY.<br /> HE PROMOTES GOODS AND SERVICES ON THE INTERNET, DEVELOPS A STRATEGY FOR ATTRACTING CUSTOMERS AND IMPLEMENTS IT WITH OTHER SPECIALISTS.<br /> AND IMPLEMENTS IT WITH OTHER SPECIALISTS.</p> <p>The course will suit:<br /> Those who are looking for themselves in digital,</p> <p>who want to learn an in-demand<br /> profession and in a short period of time<br /> increase their earnings</p> <p>Those who for a long time do not see<br /> the results of their work, wants<br /> to change that, to become more confident<br /> and start earning.</p> <p>For those who feel that they&#39;ve<br /> they&#39;ve reached a ceiling in their<br /> in their profession and want to be confident<br /> growth in position and income<br /> START LEARNING DIGITAL MARKETING FOR FREE<br /> We have prepared 3 lectures, in which we told you about modern marketing, tools that marketers should know the prospects of this profession.</p>

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