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<p>During the course you will be given a ready-made strategy. Having familiarized yourself with the analysis based on VSA, market movement according to the strategy through the filter of figures and indicators, you will have a clear idea of entries, targets and stop placement</p> <p>Learn how to build a position, manage a position. Review entry strategies and position sizing, exit strategies and trade management</p> <p>Four weeks, two of which are theory-heavy and two trading, in a format different from the Vesperfin training courses, combined with a different angle of looking at the market and applying what you already know, will give you confidence and breathe new life into your trading.</p> <p>Three Saturday coaching sessions will allow you to understand your psychological barriers in trading and in life.</p> <p>On the course in the first week you will be given a ready-made unique trading system in a combination of chart and indicators<br /> Familiarization with the whole theory<br /> Airing of the first part of Strategy 1.0<br /> Market Flyer<br /> Challenge<br /> Coaching session<br /> Choosing a chat room with the traded instrument</p> <p>Strategy trading with mentors, answers to questions on theory<br /> Airing of the second part of Strategy 1.0<br /> Market Flyer<br /> Challenge<br /> Coaching session<br /> During four weeks you will thoroughly study this system and immediately apply it in practice, checking with the thoughts and reviews of the mentors.</p>

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